Pythia & Prophetes

We, at Visual Data Webservices, are specialists in analysis on process data.

We develop our application "Pythia" to perform several types of pattern recognition on the data dat is received from (on-line) sensoring systems in your process.
In order to get these data in a well structured manner we also developped an application named Prophetes.

Exept forwarding the sensor data to Pythia, Prophetes can also serve as an intermediate application for diy projects with the well known microprocessor platform Arduino.

Prophetes wil break up the Arduino data into the individual data elements and send them to the web portal TingSpeak.
You have to have an account on ThingSpeak (wich is free, by te way) and set up a dashboard with a channel for your data.

Then set the right credentials in your Prophetes copy, load the Arduino sketch into your Arduino, connect the sensors (I bought the really cheap ones on the Internet) and start measuring!

Visit the Pythia or Prophetes webpages in this portal for detailed information and a freeware download of Prophetes and the Arduino script ready for your project!

Have fun, and contact me in case of questions.